I am proud to see that R.A steadily progressing in the past few decades, and well-prepared and
structured for the generations to come.. As a CEO I am proud to witness this growth.
We are different from other engineering companies in the sense we do not look for jobs through
tenders with many different clients. We prefer to establish a good and long term relationship with our traditional clients, many of whom have been with us for more than 30 years and we will continue to stay committed to giving them the best quality service available in the market today. In essence, we are always competing with ourselves to earn the trust of our clients.

We gave the priority to our human resource policies, in career management and training, or in the injection of new talent into our teams, with 500+ staff members. Our success for the past 30 years lies in our emphasis on quality. We are very skilled in detailed Engineering. We also maintained our technological lead, intensifying our research and development investments to reinforce the excellence of our solutions, which, in power generation and automations,
are shaping a sustainable future throughout the country.


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